Multimedia and Animation Training

The Multimedia and Animation training initiative for Divyangjans was launched in 2010 with the aim of fostering self-reliance among hearing-impaired youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting their skills, and providing equal societal opportunities. 

The Multimedia and Animation Centre is a fully equipped computer lab with cutting-edge software in Multimedia and Animation. This four-month skill development project aims to empower hearing-impaired youth, making them self-reliant and employable in today’s job market. The center offers a platform for students to showcase their creativity and skills. To date, over 780 hearing-impaired individuals have received training, with 550  securing employment. Alongside MMA training, students also acquire practical skills beneficial for daily life. 

The Course Curriculum includes:


These courses are valuable for Graphic Designing – Pamphlet making, Flyer making, Banners designing, Album Designing, Tiles designing; Texturing, Compositing, Tracking, Keying, Stabilization, Rotoscopy, Motion Graphic Designing , Roto paint, Editing, Publications designing’s – Magazines,books, brochures, e-books; Matte paint arts, Video Editing,, Animation, VFX, and prepare candidates for various roles in respective companies.  

Ashray-Akruti augments Multimedia and Animation Courses with Soft Skills to enhance students’ collaborative abilities, positively influencing their careers and personal lives. These courses facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce and empower candidates to seize life’s opportunities. 

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Documents for enrollment in Multimedia and Animation Centre

Please Carry the Following Documents for Enrolment:
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Over 600 hearing-impaired youth trained, with 270+ successfully employed in Visual Effects, Graphics, and Post Production companies including Gemini FX, Sri Sarathi Studios, Prasad Effects, Janata Digital Lab, Colors Digital Press, Aruna Studios, Photo Express, etc. 

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Success Story

During the course, students engage in immersive industrial visits to various studios and companies, delving into the intricacies and techniques that drive the Multimedia and Animation sector. Renowned guest lecturers grace our centre, imparting invaluable knowledge and guidance. Following the intensive four-month training in Multimedia and Animation, a multitude of companies specializing in Graphic Designing, Visual Effects, Photoshop, and Animation conduct interviews across Hyderabad, with some even visiting our Centre for recruitment. 

At Ashray-Akruti’s Multimedia and Animation Centre, we’re dedicated to offering comprehensive placement assistance, ensuring our students’ success.  Basavaraj Ravi hails from an agricultural background, born 24 years ago in Bidar, Karnataka. In a family of five, his father, aged 46, and mother, 38, are farmers. 

With two elder brothers, one employed in a tiles shop and the other serving as a pastor, the family’s livelihood relies on leased agricultural land. Ravi, the sole member with a hearing impairment, communicated solely through sign language from a young age, which his parents recognized as indicative of his condition. However, their concern was limited as his means of communication sufficed. 


Ravi completed his SSC and Intermediate education in Maharashtra but had to halt his studies due to financial constraints. To support his family, he worked at Flipkart for six months, contributing whatever he earned towards their needs. His government pension of 1400/- supplemented his expenses. It was through a friend that Ravi discovered the ASHRAY-AKRUTI Multimedia and Animation training program. With remarkable aptitude and dedication, he swiftly completed the rigorous four-month course and secured a position at Sarathi studios with a salary of Rs. 10,000/-. Overflowing with gratitude, Ravi expressed, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found this training opportunity at Ashray-Akruti. I will forever be thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

Project Coordinator :   8374258844 

Interpreter :   8639771915 

Trainee Coordinator (For Video Callings) 7337366094 

We offer a unique blend of domain-specific courses and soft skills training that not only equips students with essential expertise but also creates an avenue for individuals to collaborate with the differently-abled. This collaboration allows them to share their knowledge on pertinent subjects, enriching the lives of those they work with. 

Volunteers can register here.

Vasudeva Plaza, 2nd Floor, Srinagar Colony Main Road, Hyderabad, Telangana –  500073. 

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Free and Separate, Residential Facility for Boys and Girls is available.

World Youth Skills Day we begin to adjust to the new normal, developing the hearing-impaired youth resilient and productive is imperative.

Ashray Akruti aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality training and promote lifelong learning opportunities for the hearing-impaired youth in Multimedia and Animation.

We foster the acquisition skills of the hearing-impaired youth by enhancing their ability and empower them to gain access to changing labour markets and viable employment opportunities.So far,550 hearing-impaired youth trained, and around 270 youth found gainful employment.

Let us all celebrate this World Youth Skills Dayin these challenging times with uncertainties around us

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Ashray Akruti is a registered nonprofit, non-religious, Non- Government organization working for people with disabilities with a focus on children with hearing loss. Established in Hyderabad in the year 1996, the organization implements projects across Telangana and Andra Pradesh.


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Ashray Akruti,
8-3-1027/A2, Lane opp to Indian Bank, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, 500073, Telangana, India

Phone: +91 70327 00810, 70327 00810


Ashray Akruti is a registered nonprofit, non-religious, Non- Government organization working for people with disabilities with a focus on children with hearing loss. Established in Hyderabad in the the year 1996, the organization implements projects across


Ashray Akruti, 8-3-1027/A2, Lane opp to Indian Bank, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, 500073,Telangana, India, Phone: 040-40042250 E-mail: Website: