Flying High

July 21, 2015

fly high anusha

“However difficult life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at” a quote by the most celebrated physicist our century has ever seen and the one who is paralyzed over the decades, Stephan Hawking. Here, in Hyderabad, a disabled girl called Anusha fortifies what the legend has said by her true devotion and commitment.
Getting 8.3 GPA in the 10th Public examination was not a small achievement for a girl like Anusha, who is profound hearing loss. The journey of Anusha in Ashray Akruti started when she was mere four, in nursery section. Anusha hails from Mulugu, Warangal District. The financially unsound family of her moved to Hyderabad for better livelihood. Her father, who was working in a barber shop passed away recently and her mother is a homemaker. Now, her brothers work at the barber shop to eke out a living.
Her world was silent when her parents came to enroll her in Ashray Akruti School in 2003. Here, she was helped with auditory training and speech therapy. Free hearing aids, which would have been a dream for her family realized through the helping hands of Ashray Akruti.
A meek girl who was not blessed by anything other than her sheer perseverance and true devotion progressed well with the inputs she received from Ashray Akruti. The special educators of the school put in their best efforts to ensure that Anusha does well in her studies.
“From a girl who could have become helpless and lifeless, Ashray Akruti held me and gave wings to fly. I know the people here wish me to be independent and confident” said Anusha, who always cherishes her memories in the school. Now the sixteen year old girl is geared up to pursue her higher education.

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