Giving a rebirth

July 21, 2015


Sometimes it takes time to fix things fall apart, especially when life becomes a question of existence. Roja Kumar, fragile but full of zeal towards life was abandoned and excluded from his dear and near ones. After the birth of Roja Kumar his mother passed away and his father remarried other woman who was not ready to accept or treat him as her son. His father with a meager income was least bothered about him.  Understanding his situations at his own home, his grandmother who was working as a teacher could not able to leave him in the abyss of blues. So she has taken Roja Kumar with her and enrolled him in a normal school to study.
Roja Kumar was a recluse but he had a heart that always throbs for affection and care. With his father alive, who was not even taking a single minute to speak or visit him, Roja was humiliated in front of his friends many times.  At the age of 10, Roja Kumar took poison and tried to end up his life but his grandmother saw that and her timely act saved his life. Slowly she understood the problems he was facing in school. Then, she enrolled him in a deaf and dumb school. He was happy there and made good friends. But the thought about his future made his grandmother always worried and ailing. It was very difficult for a simpleton boy like Roja Kumar to cope up with new world’s challenges. It was that time one of his seniors from school Sarath Chandra, who has finished his six month Multimedia and animation training at Ashray Akruti told him about the course and its benefits.
Roja Kumar along with his grandmother came to Ashray Akruti and he enrolled in the fourth batch of Multimedia and Animation training. The young man who came with a lot of apprehensions and confusions is turned into a charming, confident boy. Through the motivation sessions given by the team Multimedia now he could able to speak and interact with confidence. He shares that his life would have been something else if he did not reach at Ashray Akruti.

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