She cannot hear but her father makes she is heard

July 21, 2015

Supria patel

The story of Supriya Naidu is stimulating as her whole family shifted from Aurangabad to Hyderabd just to enroll her in our Multimedia and Animation Centre for Hearing Impaired!!! Life of a child with hearing loss is challenging. The people around them may experience an even tougher time when they raise them up. But Supriya’s father Somashekhar Rao was strong in will and he does not want to let his child in the hands of fate because of her hearing disability.
It was after long years of devotion and prayers Somashekhar Rao’s family was blessed with a child. The birth of the baby is a moment to cherish but fate had another thing in her mind. The baby girl was born with no ability to hear or speak. All of a sudden their joy burst into tears and fears. But Somashekara rao who had been working a as a cashier in Aurangabad was not ready to give up. He has enrolled her in a school in Aurangabad where she studied till her 7th std. She learned to understand languages through lip reading and started to mingle with her fellow mates. But it was not easy for her to adapt the noisy world, she felt deserted by friends and decided not to go for higher studies. After her 7th class she was at home helping her mother to do works at home. But her parents were afraid of her future. They want to make her child independent and live a life of her own. Her father started to search for a vocational training course suitable for her. He was made up his mind that Supriya would be joining here when he saw our Multimedia and Animation Centre while he was searching courses through internet. To enroll his child in the multimedia lab, the whole family shifted from their place to Hyderabad and he could able to find a job in a hotel in Somajiguda as a cashier.
Now, Supriya enjoys her training at Ashray Akruti. Her fellow mates and trainers at Ashray Akruti encourage her a lot. She is not a diffident girl anymore. With firm voice she shares her dreams that she wants to work and live an independent life.

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